All of our facilities and services have been created with the safety and happiness of our boarders and their horses in mind. We pride ourselves on having a friendly and professional atmosphere as well as striving to constantly improve and update our facilities to set a standard of excellence.


  • Heated stable barn with attached 50' x 160' heated indoor arena
  • Heated 80' x 200 indoor arena
  • Excellent footing maintained daily
  • 10 x 12 and 12 x 12 stalls with floor mats and automatic waterers
  • Stalls renovated January 2015
  • Six grooming stalls
  • Indoor wash rack with hot and cold water
  • climate controlled observation area with restroom, kitchenette, washer and dryer
  • Four outdoor riding arenas with well maintained all-weather footing
  • Many paddocks for small herd or individual turnout
  • Two convalescent turnout areas
  • Non-grass paddocks and all gated areas have a solid base installed to minimize deep mud
  • Heated client tack room with
    • Personal lockers (approximately 2.75' by 6')
    • Area for storage of show trunks
    • Bench seating
    • Easy access to trailer loading area

Care Services

    Included with board

  • daily stall cleaning
  • bagged fine pine shavings
  • daily turnout weather permitting
  • individual or small herd turnout
  • up to 4 feeds per day
  • Individualized feed regimen.  We stock several types of feed and will order what you prefer.
  • feeding of client provided supplements
  • boots on or off for turnout
  • removal of standing bandages

    At an additional fee

  • change of blankets for turnout
  • application of standing bandages
  • laundry service
  • fly spray for turnout
  • additional shavings
  • second pm stall cleaning
  • administration of shots or medications prescribed by a veterinarian

What We Offer

Board includes daily stall cleaning and turnout (weather permitting). The horses are fed 3 times a day with a regimine based on each horse's individual needs. Clients may utilize all amenities of our facility.

Windermere also has four riding instructors as well as two trainers on staff. We teach lessons seven days a week and are able to work with the busiest of schedules. We also host a minimum of three MHJA-recognized show a year as well as our own schooling series. We also travel to many shows throughout the show season.


Boarding $575/month

$25/month fee for clients who shareboard their horses

  • Lessons with Head Instructor
  • Hour group class $112.50
  • Two Person Hour Group $130.00
  • Half Hour Private $130.00
  • Weekly Lessons with head instructors assistants
  • Hour group class $105.00
  • Half hour private $120.50
  • Two Person Hour Group $120.50
A second weekly lesson package of equal or lesser value receives a 20% discount. Any additional weekly lesson packages of equal or lesser value receive a 20% discount.
  • Individual Extra Lessons
  • Monthly package rate divided by 4.5
• If you wish to have an absence made up as a training ride we will charge the difference between the prices of the two services.



  • Full Training $500.00
  • Individual Training Rides $30.00
  • Turnout in boots or Change Blankets for Turnout $30.00
  • Give injections per occurrence $10.00
  • Handling for the veterinarian, farrier, or wound care per hour depending on time spent $15.00
  • Lunging per half hour with light grooming $15.00
  • Change of wraps per occurrence $10.00
  • Removal of wraps this includes the day after a show $5.00
  • Fans per day $0.50



  • Coaching
  • Coaching is the training of the rider on practice day, morning schooling before classes on the day of the show and preparation prior to classes in the schooling ring. Coaching is not discounted if you chose to skip/do not require a morning schooling.
  • per day if three or more students attend $50.00
  • per day if less than three students attend $65.00
  • Part Care
  • per day (required) all feed, hay, water, and am stall cleaning  
  • one groom per five customers $30.00
  • Full Care
  • per day as for part care plus all stall cleaning bandage set and removal, am bath, rinse after classes as needed $50.00
  • Training Ride on Practice Day
  • depending on duration $10.00 - $30.00
  • Ride Horse in Horse Show
  • per class $18.00
  • Split
  • Show clients also share an equal portion of the trainer’s hotel expenses or camper fee and meals. Clients also equally split the tack room stall, and any additional grooming stalls. When I travel to Win A Gin and do not have a hotel I charge $10.00 per day travel fee Grosse Pointe will incur a $5.00 travel fee. I pay the grooms meals but they are not included in the split. The grooms will stay in my hotel room.
  • Other
  • Clients also must purchase any bedding required at the show; usually the show will add this to your entry. Any additional feed required at the horse show shall also be at the owners’ expense.



  • 2 Horse Trailer Rental
  • per day with proof of insurance and responsibility for any and all repairs $75.00
  • Shipping
  • Individual horse $25.00 hook up fee plus $1.25 per mile each way varies
  • Emergency trip to MSU $275.50
  • Win-A-Gin $95.00
  • Hunter’s Run $140.00
  • Meadowview $205.00
  • Grosse Pointe $90.00
  • Willowbrooke $110.00
  • Windsong $150.00

Payment Policy:

Board invoices are mailed on the 20th of each month. Payment is due on the first of the month. Payment not received by 8:00 p.m. on the 5th of the month is considered late, and will be charged a $25.00 late fee. Any partial payment shall be applied first to outstanding balances. If no payment is received, a 12% interest rate will be applied to the existing account balance.
Show invoices will be mailed within 48 hours of the shows completion and are due in 10 days. Payments not received in 10 days incur a $10.00 late fee.